Our Social Impact

So who benefits from our sales, and how?

Glad you asked, we empower the skilled disadvantaged women in our communities who often don’t feel powerful or important but who are valuable and have valuable skills. 

All of our pieces are expertly handmade by women with special needs in the London community. We pay our makers per piece, and then sell them onto the consumer, (that's you) providing them an opportunity to gain work skills, a supplementary income and be part of a greater community. We empower our makers, paying them a fair wage, utilising their established skill set and enabling them to believe and realise their value.
We want to create an environment where everyone is valued for who they are, because as we all know, some of us have bigger head starts than others. We're just trying to even the playing field.


We are making a difference, one woman at a time, join us and each time you wear an item from our range, your choice to be part of GLOW enables you to stand with those who are vulnerable, as you stand out at night. Each of our pieces are individually hand made by disadvantaged women.