Our Story

The world has enough. It's fair to say more than enough even. We entirely over consume everything around us and as we all know the fashion industry is the second biggest polluter. So, upon graduation, Comet didn’t just want to make an awesome collection, instead she wanted to be part of the solution, because much as we over consume, the key isn’t to stop consuming entirely but to consume better. Glow is simply Comet's passion to improve how we purchase, and to love and enable women from disadvantaged background in London, people we can easily relate to, and yet easily overlook. 

So in that vein our accessories are fashionable, functional and individually hand crocheted by women in London offering warmth and protection as the collection is light reflective.

Glow was initially developed to enable the cycle chic look, but not exclusively so. We realised that being seen on your bike at night is important, but staying stylish is imperative. At Glow we think that it’s possible to be safe + seen, fashionable and be part of a great story... 

Our range of Snoods, Fingerless Gloves and Leg Warmers do not compromise style for function, instead we have created a light reflective knitwear range for the chic commuter / dog walker / parent or child who cares about their safety, their appearance and social impact in ethical fashion.

Our range is luxurious and adaptable. Our knitwear is breathable and soft. Our yarn  has a unique, light reflective fibreglass fused into its fibres. These components create a range which is effortlessly ready to wear in the day and beautifully light reflective at night. The fibreglass yarn sits within the wool seamlessly and although you can't feel it against your skin it catches and reflects car headlights and streetlights in the dark, so at night the glassfibre elements come to life and glows, illuminating the wearer as light bounces off of it. As our videos show. (Take a photo using the flash and you'll see what we mean.)

Special shout out to the guys at Rico for all their help!