Fashionable in the day | Light reflective at night | Day to dusk wear

Our luxury range of Snoods, Fingerless Gloves and Beanies do not compromise style for function, instead we have created a light reflective knitwear range for the chic commuter who cares about their safety and their appearance. And that’s not all, we help and enable marginalised women in East London to earn a living by crocheting each individual piece.

Expertly crocheted with a unique blend of wool that carries a light reflective glassfibre yarn, our collections light reflective properties mean they are functional and illuminated, keeping the wearer seen and safe at night yet easily wearable and fashionable in the day. Delicate and textured they are soft to the skin and luxurious to wear. 

Smart Activewear +  Ethical Production = Functional Fashion